Omani Henna Patterns

الحناء في الخليج

Here are a few henna designs I have drawn up based off patterns from Oman. They are gulf, or khaleeji style designs. They maximize the impact of lots of white space and clusters of dense detailing. I love the gulf designs because many of them look like jewelry draped over the skin…They are a good combination of delicate and substantial…Enjoy…

Omani Henna PatternOmani Henna DesignOmani Henna DesignOmani henna designOmani henna design

7 responses to “Omani Henna Patterns

  1. These are gorgeous! Beautiful work.

  2. I like the second one the most

  3. I really luv painting henna ,I was start since 87 till today

  4. oooooooooo my god what a nice designs

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