Emirati Henna Designs

Patterns from the United Arab Emirates

emirati henna design, uae, khaleeji, alhenna, al7ina, 7enaemirati henna design, uae, khaleeji, alhenna, al7ina, 7ena, naksh, naqsh, khaleji, 7inna,   نقش الحناء, خليجي, اماراتي, الامارات, دبي, عربي

11 responses to “Emirati Henna Designs

  1. the top is prefer
    by Blog

  2. Good… But not enough

  3. Fazila Fatiwala

    Hi Dear,

    From where can I buy these books??

    • sweetfernstudio

      Hi Fazila, The designs on these pages are free. You can click on the image to open them and print the designs.
      If you like them, you might be interested in my design book, Henna from the Arabian Peninsula. It’s for sale at ArtisticAdornment.com

      I’ll send an email with the link for you.

  4. Fazila Fatiwala

    Thank you so much dear…

    But it says like e-books so I jus wanted to know wether it is hard copy or soft copy for your book… waiting for your reply..


    • sweetfernstudio

      Hi Fazila, The e-books are digital Adobe Acrobat PDF files that are emailed to you upon purchase. You can then print them on your home printer. They’re not hard copy bound books, unfortunately. Hope that answers your questions,

  5. Love these designs and the illusion of space they bring. Hey there, remember me from crossroads? I rediscovered the henna you gave me and exploring how to make and create. Hope you are well. Namaste. Shane

    • sweetfernstudio

      Hi Shane,
      This message is from so long ago! Sorry. I lost track of some old comments. Of course I remember you. I hope you are well, if you ever chance by here again and read this !!

  6. I personally wish to save this blog post, “Emirati
    Henna Designs | Inside Sweetfern Studio” on my very own internet site.
    Will you mind in the event I actuallydo it? Thx -Minnie

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