Lotuses of the Nile, Sudanese Henna

If you’re interested in Sudanese style henna, you might be like my new design book, Lotuses of the Nile, Sudanese Henna Designs.
sudan, sudanese henna, body art, henna sudani, alhina
Sample of Sudanese style henna. This is a free design. It is not included in the book.

The 25 page book contains 40 designs for hands and feet. The designs are a mix of bold filled-in floral motifs and smooth, swirling abstract shapes.

Here are two samples from the e-book. It’s for sale for $10 through Artistic Adornment.com. Click on either of the samples below to check it out!

sudanese henna, sudan, hina, 7ina, alhina sudani

sudanese henna, sudan, hina, 7ina, alhina sudani

“This is a great bold book. I love this style of henna design and I love how it is for all levels of artists. You can also use the design as an outline if you too afraid of going bold but I encourage everyone to try these designs the way they are drawn out.
I also like that there are bold floral and viney designs as well as ones that can very easily be used for men. This is a book to definitely have in to your festival and party choices. “
Great job Liz!
Date Added: 02/10/2012 by Tammi Boudreau

2 responses to “Lotuses of the Nile, Sudanese Henna

  1. the designs are gorgeous beutiful mashaallah

  2. sweetfernstudio


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