Henna in Egypt

Western Desert, Egypt

Western Desert, Egypt

Next time I go to Egypt, I am going henna-spotting. I’m not sure if I was just too busy, or spent all my time in the city, or it I was keeping my eyes on the homicidal oncoming traffic, instead of scanning women’s hands for henna…but I didn’t see too much of it. Maybe one woman with henna on her feet and another with henna on her hands who, from her dress, and that of her companions, didn’t strike me as Egyptian, but as from the gulf. I saw salons offering henna work, and a woman asked me if I could do henna for her before her wedding…but other than that, not much.

However, in the meantime, I have been doing some scouting around. I found some good images of henna from Siwa and Bahariya Oases in the Western Desert section of Egypt, west of Cairo and east of Libya.The oases are famous for their date and olive crops, as well as the cultivation of molukhiya, a green tasty green vegetable that is like a combination of spinach and okra…Siwa is also famous for its crafts, particularly ornate embroidery with cross-stitch, metallic threads, and sequins, and the Siwi Berber language which is spoken there.

Western Desert, Egypt

Western Desert, Egypt

I was in Bahariya briefly on a weekend trip to go camping in the White Desert. My view of the town mainly focused on the beautiful magenta and orange bougainvilleas by the side of the road and the huge sky. I didn’t make it as far as Siwa…Next time!

Anyways, I hunted down some images of henna work in Siwa and Bahariya and have made some black and white pattern pages with the designs.Take a look. Enjoy…egypt henna bahariyasiwa egypt hennaegypt henna siwaegypt henna, egyptian, siwa oasis, siwi, alhina, naksh, naqsh, الحناء, وحاة يسيوة

6 responses to “Henna in Egypt

  1. As I was in Egypt I was also deceived not to see any henna. but i have seen some hair saloons all offering only “black henna tattoos”

  2. sweetfernstudio

    mmm…yes, from my recollection, I saw the “black henna” along with the real “red” henna in some of the salons. And most of the women I saw doing henna in the markets for tourists had the PPD as well…

  3. MashaAllah for such an informative site about henna. I fell in love with henna mehndi while on a 8 month visit to Pakistan. I had it done on my arms and hands. They used a ready made cone henna which I think was called 911 Emergency Henna..Lol. when I got back to the Sates I started to work on making my own henna design paste. Soon after I launched my henna business Amina Designs Henna Mehndi. and marketing my design paste which is 100% natural and organic. After Ramadan this year I will be relocating to Egypt to investigate the various henna powders they offer.

  4. hi Amina it very great to had that.
    do you know that i search for a partner to share me to open Henna tattoo in sharm el Sheikh Egypt.
    For mor details you can replay me back

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